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I’m up for the challenge– the 5 minute shower challenge.

Written By: Maria - May• 29•08

Are you?

Click keys, save trees.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess is issuing a challenge, and I am in! I have a four minute shower timer, so my challenge is actually to overachieve a bit, but I am in! Less water is good for everyone! I am already ahead of the curve, because I only shower every other day at most, but I am hopeful to keep that every other day shower to under five minutes… or really four! Can I do it? I think so!!!

I work for the U.S.’s premier water resource agency… or at least that is my story, and I am sticking to it! As a part of my job, I see first hand the water supply and quality related issues that our nation faces, and we can all work towards correcting that problem in small ways (and big)!

Will you accept the challenge? If so, swing by CDD’s site and sign on for the fun!

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  1. katandkarl says:

    i accept! i hate showering! ;)

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