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Did I buy nothing on Black Friday?

Written By: Maria - Nov• 29•08

Well, yes and no. I was making brownies and realized I didn’t have enough sugar, so I bought a few groceries, but that was it, and I don’t think food counts.

Continuing my commitment to the environment (and anti-commercialism), I am also accepting the Crunchy Domestic Goddesses “No Plastic Holiday Challenge.”

Will you accept the challenge? Limit the plastic this holiday season– buy gifts that have less packaging, make gifts… the possibilities are endless!

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  1. katandkarl says:

    i bought nothing! i am really trying to come up with a good holiday plan…

  2. care says:

    I’m in! another fun idea I saw at baggu’s site–use reusable bags to wrap your presents. http://www.baggubag.com/wrapping/

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