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Sharing some links… 6 March 2010

Written By: Maria - Mar• 06•10

My sharing for the week… enjoy.

Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go… — This post on Peaceful Parenting’s blog is definitely worth the read for parents, those who want to be parents, and those caring for children.  It’s a bit old, but I came upon it after reading another post in regard to a couple using No Greater Joy’s methods for raising children which resulted in the death of one child and severely injured a second.  Sadly, this is not the first time that Michael Pearl’s teachings have lead to the death of a child, and even more sadly, it probably won’t be the last.  The posts linked share numerous additional posts on the topic, including this one by a woman who knew the parents.  The post on Peaceful Parenting is in stark contrast to the abuse advocated by The Pearls and definitely more in line with how (and why) The Boy is parented in the way we do.

The Blame Game continues as a religious pamphlet blames women and girls dress for provoking rape.  Victim blaming may be becoming less frequent, but it is ingrained in society and needs to be  on everyone’s mind. Quite honestly, I think blaming the victim in rape also undermines men. Are they really that out of control that they should not be accountable for their violations?

So I am a heretic... This post has me thinking, and it probably will make you think too.  “People who look, think, and act like you are in, and everyone else is out. While I fully acknowledge the need for community and tradition and admit I have allegiances, when that box becomes a shield to defend against ever learning anything new or entering a conversation in order to grow, then I have no use for the box.”

At least once a week, Pete Wilson posts something so true and/or thought provoking I cannot help but share.  To tell the truth, I came upon his blog after Max Lucado tweeted (retweeted?)  something he had written/quoted. Yes, I stalk him on twitter now too (@pwilson) and am looking forward to the release of his book this spring. Anyway, this week he posted about a new app for iphone, but that’s not why I liked his post…it’s the conclusion that is TRUTH!

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  1. MariaWJ says:

    Thanks for the tip on Amazon! :)

  2. pete wilson says:

    Thanks for the link. Stalk away! :)

    Plan B doesn't come out until My 4th but you can pre-order it on Amazon if you're interested. Hope you have a great weekend.

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