I am generally not in the business of minding other people’s business. However, there are times in life when I look at the responses of others and wonder what is going on. Allow me to explain my latest experience.

Like many others, I ordered a light table from Constructive Playthings.  I saw it advertised on the facebook page of a blog I truly enjoy (and will continue to enjoy!)– Play at Home Mom. I also saw that others had spoken to customer service and indeed the price (less than $30!!!) was supposed to be true. The next day, I found out it was a mistake.

Here is where I diverge from some others.

I was disappointed not to be able to upgrade TB’s light box (we made this homemade one!), but I also understand that mistakes happen, and I have no desire to drive an otherwise quality provider out of business. The truth is, we all need grace– from our heavenly Father, one another, and ourselves.

I had to stop reading the responses of some people on the Constructive Playthings FB page and on Play at Home Mom’s page. The anger and outrage led to things being said that were hurtful and vindictive.

At what point did consumerism overtake the need to treat one another kindly and with respect?

At what point did we decide to instruct children not be throw a fit, but then throw one ourselves when things do not go our way?

And beyond this incident, how is it that we expect our children, when they feel an injustice has taken place, to respond with dignity and grace, yet as adults we lash out at others?

What is going on in the world that treating others in this way is acceptable? Many do it to me (as a Federal employee), and I witnessed it happening to Constructive Playthings as a company (and their employees).

There are some much bigger lessons to be learned from this experiences– more than I am writing about today with forgiveness and behavior– but I will leave them for now. Instead, I ask that when responding to anyone when disappointed or a mistake has been made — a child or adult– we all take a deep breath and remember we all make mistakes. We all need grace.


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  1. Brenda on the October 11, 2011 remarked #

    I agree too that we do all need grace and when you realize you’ve made a mistake, make amends immediately. It’s easier to eat crow while it’s still warm. Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life and I should say also that one must forgive.
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  2. Deborah on the September 29, 2011 remarked #

    Yes, we do all need grace. Just reading this post made me feel more at peace:) I didn’t see all that you are talking about but even still – I love talking about grace:)
    Deborah recently posted..Exploring colorful cups in preschoolMy Profile

    • Maria on the September 29, 2011 remarked #

      Me too, and the hardest part is offering grace to the angry people lashing out too. They need it as much as anyone else. :)
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