• Dwarkesh Haldankar

Somebody please end this lockdown!

So, the other day, I was thinking of going on a holiday. Yeah. In the midst of COVID-19. I plan to go somewhere far away, some place where life is different from as we know it in this city.

Someplace where the starry night sky feels like an ocean -- no matter which direction you look -- never ending.

Someplace serene.

The COVID-19 lockdown presented us with ample opportunities for self-growth. It gave us the time we always wished we had. It showed us another side of life: one that's filled with music and art and drama, literature, aspects of life we never thought we would bother exploring. I don't know if you can relate, but almost everyone on my instagram feed has learned something or the other: people have gotten into dancing, cooking, bakery, singing, guitars, pianos, sketching, painting, reading those harry potter magic books, idk the list is endless.

More people are trying to get fit than ever before, and paradoxically enough, an even bigger number of people are turning into lazy bums (not a bad thing though imo).

It's like people are discovering a part of their soul, a part they never knew they had. A part they thought they had lost far before.

But hey, wait a minute! Then how did we do this soul finding thing earlier?

One word: Travel.

And I am a very boring person, let me tell you. I like travel over all those things. A journey of adventure, the adventure of a journey; living life on a never ending journey is what I fantasize my dreams with. Let me put it this way, when I am not thinking about memes, I am thinking about cheap travel destinations I can go this summer (or winter, depending on what time of the year it is).

I even have trips planned in my head, like travel spots and destinations and, and what food we can eat there, everything...... With the train fares and all the other budget things. And God forbid should you ever ask me "Manali jaane ka plan banate hai kya?" I'd be like...... Yessss yessssss (plan toh pehle se hi banaya hai bhaiiii) I would go on and on about every detail, hotels for every budget (thanks to oyo), food, trains, fir toh bhai pucho mat........

So.... yeah. I like to travel. A lot.

And no, I am not talking about the classic cliche of "Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani".

No no no no.

Anyways, so I was planning to go on a solo trip. The only thing standing in my way: What travel destination is open in this stupid lockdown? Half the hotels have been turned into hospitals.

Well, I know. I can always go visit my hometown. It qualifies as a travel. I mean there are the beaches, the forts and the tunnels, the rail journey is beyond amazing in this season, the Ganpati festival is over so no rush in trains, the food is awesome, everything is just perrfect. In fact its just a 6-hour-train-ride away from Mumbai. Every thing just fits.

Perhaps I would take a book as well (I LOvE to read). Not those stupid fat Engineering books. A history book maybe. (See? Boring!)

Will keep you posted!


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